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With over  1,500+ products and counting, V7 is the most complete and trusted product portfolio offered by Ingram Micro.

At V7, we believe that high-quality, stylish products do not have to be expensive. We make tech accessories more affordable so people can enjoy the latest that technology has to offer.

We are private label product division of Ingram Micro, Inc, and because of this unique position, we can stand behind our products, leverage global operational excellence and yet be nimble enough to stay at the forefront of consumer demand.

Additionally, our strict environmental and labor policies, as a division of a Fortune 100 enterprise, demand the highest standards from our production and logistics partners so you can be confident in our responsibility to the environment and the way our workers are treated.

This approach has been the cornerstone of success for us for more than 20 years, with customers satisfied in 160 countries worldwide.


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